The CPOE System (For Outpatient)

The CPOE (Computerized Physician Order Entry) system (for outpatient) is convenient for doctors to establish the SOAP physician order, where you can check the patient's basic information and previous medical records, simplifing the information inputing steps of diagnosis, subject/object description, medication, medical inspection, etc. Also it's highly integrated with every processes and information systems inside and outside the hospital, which can be connected with the inspection system to check X-ray, CT reports and other inspection reports.

In the patient-centered process, the CPOE system provides doctors detailed and comprehensive information of medicines, inspection and radiology reports immediately. Also it improves applicableness, and enhances the quality of service.


Diagnosis Input

You can create a group for disease, physician or department, and establish a diagnostic prescriptive kit in your common use. The system can be directly input ICD-9 code then bring out the corresponding diagnostic name. Also you can enter keyword string in english to search for the corresponding disease name.


Subject/Object Description Input

You can create a group for disease, physician or department, and establish the common subject/object descriptive symptoms. The system will bring out the default macro phrase that show the entire description.


Input or Search for Patients' Personal Health Information

As long as entering patients' ID or medical record number, it's able to get the nursing information including allergy, medical history, physiological record and  personal clinical record.


Medication Input

1. You can search for all kinds of medicine in hospital according to pharmacological classification, or entering in-hospital medication index code and medication name.

2. After inputing a medication order, it'll automatically bring out the default value of dosage, frequency, unit, usage, total amount, etc., which can be changed, and it's also backward swept based on varying conditions.

3. Choosing one of the medicine will unfold its necessary sanitary equipments or disposal.

4. Also you can check the specific dispensing way below, including drug trituration, subpackage, administration, etc., then put them on the prescription or medicine bag.

5. You can acquire a patient's present prescription for your reference.

6. You'll get a warning for controlled drugs or specific medication.


Medical Test Input

You can create a group for disease, physician or department, and select the commonly used medical test item in the department.

Also You're able to:

1. Enter in-hospital index code to search. 

2. Mark "Urgent" on the single prescription, print out each sheet individually, and notify relative departments to create inspection reports immediately.

3. Unfold the necessary sanitary equipments or disposal, and the final cost will be charged based on settings and cost.


Retrieve Reports at Clinic

The CPOE system can connect to in-hospital PACS or RIS, and retrieve the image files at clinic. The inspection reports are categorized, or you can look up all the previous inspection results. If there’s an anomaly in the reports, the value will be shown in red to make you see clearly about its variation.


Same as Previous Prescription (Ditto)

Ditto means “as has been said before”. As for medical terms, doctors can replace the previous subject description, medicines, medical treatment and inspection by "Ditto".


Outpatient Appointments

Fast Appointment: You can make an appointment with the specific doctor, and get the appointment number directly.

Return Visit Appointment: You can choose the date, time and doctor of an appointment yourself in the clinic or on the website, and also get the appointment number directly. The doctor can caheck the appointment list for specific date, and the patient can also cancel his appointment on the website or go to the counter. On the other hand, the return visit date can be printed on the prescription bag, which reminds the patient to return on time.


Operating Room Appointments

If you need a day surgery, then a referral to the operation room is available, including the current diagnosis, the doctor in charge and the assistant of the surgery, the anesthesia species, and the order of operation. You can make an appointment to the schedule as well.


Examination Room Appointments

To make an appointment for the examination room, you can choose the appointment date, time and room by yourself, and get the appointment number directly.



The doctor may refer the patient’s data directly to the appropriate division and no queuing is required. Also the patient may do the check first while the outpatient data is stored temporarily, then go back to the clinic for inquiry after the check. 















病人調入時若有傳染病之註記即顯示線上警示告知診間醫師。在藥物交互作用也會顯示分級警示、 藥物安全劑量警示、藥物過敏檢核警示。當日用藥重複或同藥理藥性警示;如:已開抗生素 A 又開另抗生素B。用藥日份重複時亦提出警示;[用藥日份重複]檢查規則為[就診日+開藥天數-1]重複時警告。如藥局註記缺藥時,門診系統會出現缺藥訊息,異常時也可顯示訊息。


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