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We provide you a better, affordable, and user-friendly HIS (Health Information System) technology. It is available whenever, wherever, and whoever you are.

Mobile Health Information Systems (mHIS) is a leading provider of software solutions and service, which assists healthcare organizations in capturing, classifing and utilizing data accurately and efficiently. Building on over 61 years of experiences in health information management, mHIS team works as a trusted and reliable business partner, providing stable implementation, training and support.

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  IHIO (International Health Information Office) is a global provider of HIS (Health Information System).

  We offer healthcare institutions the ability of self-management, and also deliver efficient service.

  We build our reputation on providing all hospitals a better, affordable, and user-friendly HIS (Health Information System) technology.

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IHIO (International Health Information Office) is a highly experienced software development team, working closely with hospitals to develop a flexible HIS for all healthcare institutions. We ensure shorter development lifecycles, quicker time-to-market and lower development cost.

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IHIO (International Health Information Office) was formed in 2014 to meet the growing demand for high-quality and cost-effective HIS service. Through a focused combination of expertise, best practices, flexibility, and commitment, we are establishing a solid relationship with the healthcare institutions throughout Asia and Africa.

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1. We customize solutions to fit your needs.

2. We are responsive and experienced.

3. We design HIS that presents great performance at affordable price.

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